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Crystal Filter HR | SmartPro
Apilux SmartPro II Cartridge
Apilux SmartPur II Cartridge
Crystal Filter HR-DS | SmartPro et Pur
Crystal Filter AR | SmartPro
Crystal Filter PL | SmartPro 
Crystal Filter VR  | SmartPro
Disposable IPL-Aid Protection Eyeshields
IPL Protection Eyeshield | Style 511
IPL Protection Eyeshield | Style 546
Light Speed II Active Eyewear
  • Light Speed II Active Eyewear
  • The patented technology of this eyewear reacts instantly to the IPL flash, darkening in less than half a millisecond (0.5ms).
  • Code : 35-0070
Protective Glasses
  • Protective Glasses
  • Used to shield the eyes from an intense source of light.
  • Code : 35-007