MASKPRO-T1 | Surgical Masks
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MASKPRO-T1 | Surgical Masks

Product Code:35-0248

Type 1 3-ply surgical masks made in Canada and approved by Health Canada. Provide superior protection against saliva droplets. Meet the European standard EN-14683. Sold in packs of 50 masks.

• Triple Layers
• 100% polypropylène
• Ultrasonic assembly 
• Ear clip
• Comfortable

1. Perform hand hygiene;
2. Apply the mask on the nose (colored side on the outside, if applicable). Fix the ties at the occiput level first by taking one of the ties, then the other;
3. Use two fingers to mold the metal strip over the nose;
4. Pull the underside of the mask to cover the mouth and chin;
5. Avoid touching the mask during the procedure.

1. Perform hand or glove hygiene or as appropriate;

Note : Avoid touching the front of the mask as it may be contaminated. Only touch the ties;

2. Untie the bottom ties and bring them forward;
3. Untie the top ties (at the level of the occiput) and gently move the mask away from the front. Avoid contact with the uniform.
4. Place the mask in a biohazard bag or in the place provided;
5. Perform hand and/or glove hygiene as appropriate.

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