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Product Code:33-0002

The Sophy diamond-tipped microdermabrasion unit combines high-performance
technology with portability in one compact, versatile system. Sophy is easy to use
and install and lets you perform microdermabrasion treatments simply and efficiently.
Sophy can be used on both the face and body to visibly reduce the appearance of:
- Blotchy skin
- Sun-damaged skin
- Dilated pores, oily skin and dull complexion
- Signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines)
- Scars and stretch marks

The stainless steel applicator nozzle has a unique, high-performance design with an
integrated filter that stops cellular debris from contaminating the device. A window is
integrated into the nozzle and lets you monitor the filter’s status at all times. This makes
nozzle maintenance easier than ever, so that your treatments are safe and hygienic, yet
very efficient!

Designed by a Canadian company of international renown, Sophy epitomizes
outstanding value by combining experience, know-how and technological expertise,
including the most professional technical support. What’s more, Dectro International
is certified ISO 9001-2008* and ISO 13485* (medical), assuring compliance with the
highest manufacturing standards ensuring safety and the highest quality.

Sophy is an excellent, cost-effective investment. Because this
device is multi-functional, several imperfections on the face and body may be treated.
Indeed, with the Sophy unit, a series of treatments can be integrated into all your face and
body care applications. This allows you to offer additional beauty treatments to your
customers, an excellent way of maximizing revenue!

  • 3 treatment settings on a single device
  • 9 diamond-studded exfoliation heads with 5 different grits and 5 different head sizes
  • Quality manufacturing, made in Canada, in compliance with strict standards
  • Adjustable pressure easily set to adapt to different skin types and different régions of the body
  • Double-pump motor provides a powerful, professional treatment
  • An ingenious applicator nozzle with a hygienic, high-performance filter
  • Professional and expert after-sales service
  • A high-performance, eco-energetic device


33,7 cm (13,25 in) x 40,6 cm (16 in) x 25,4 cm (16 in)


1,39 kg (2,21 lb)
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