Colloque APESEQ 2018 

April 29 and 30 2018


Hôtel Le Concorde
1225 Cours du Général de Montcalm

Quebec, QC, G1R 4W6



Esthétique Spa International Conference 

April 22 and 23 2018

Downtown Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255, Front Street West

Toronto, ON, M5V 2W6
Booth: 1723-1822


Conference on Sunday, April 23th.

Envision the Future of Permanent Hair Removal

When observing the trend over the last few years, it appears clearly that more and more people 
wish to permanently get rid of their hair, creating at the same time incredible business opportunities 
for beauty professionals. Multiple methods, such as laser and intense pulsed light (IPL), allow a permanent 
reduction of the pilosity, but still today, electroepilation is a must to eliminate permanently the remaining hairs. 
This lecture will highlight the latest available solutions allowing you to expand your knowledge about the best permanent hair removal practices.