Specialized training

Offering high quality training is for Dectro the key of all success. By supporting our customers throughout the learning process, we make sure they maximize their investment.

Instructors at the Academy Dectro are experts in their field. They are always available, either to offer regular or advanced courses in one of our schools, to train our clientele on our products or to give seminars overseas. The Academy Dectro allows us to ensure exceptional service to our customers, but also to contribute to the advancement of the electrologist and esthetician profession.

Training Available

  • Complete courses: electrolysis
  • Specialized training: photoepilation, microdermabrasion, waxing,
    hand and foot care, lymph drainage, etc
  • Private refresher courses adapted to your needs

Services Offered

  • Training in our Academies
  • Training in your Beauty Salon
  • Training via Skype

To know more about our training services, visit also the website www.academiedectro.com