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What is Dectro?

Since 1978 Dectro International designs and manufactures specialized devices intended for the global market of permanent hair removal and aesthetic care. Its thorough understanding of modern techniques and its command of leading-edge technologies have enabled Dectro International to break new ground in the application of electrolysis and aesthetic care treatments.

Dectro International is now recognized as a leader in its field and distributes all of its products in more than 35 countries worldwide.



Top-of-the-line Products

Thanks to its expertise, Dectro International has been able to create a wide range of related equipment and specialty products to meet the requirements of beauty professionals. From microcurrent treatments to body firming, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, and permanent hair removal, Dectro offers professionals top-of-the-line products with superior quality and performance. To know more about our products, visit our online store now!  


Research and Development

Innovation and quality are key ingredients for Dectro, this is why its R & D department is constantly striving to improve the performance of its equipment and exceed market standards and requirements. Our team is always attentive to the needs of professionals, in order to develop ever more efficient and innovative products. This philosophy enables Dectro to remain at the forefront of its field, and allows its clientele to set itself apart from its competitors.



The Académie Dectro training school plays a vital role in the company’s mission, not only by promoting its products, but also by contributing to the advancement of professions in electrology and aesthetic care. Instructors at Académie Dectro are always available, either to offer a complete or advanced course in one of our schools, to train our clientele on our products or to give training seminars overseas. Moreover, many partner-schools based in different parts of the world are now qualified to offer the Académie Apilus electrolysis program in their respective locations. For information, consult the Académie Dectro website!


Our mission

Design innovative products and offer superior quality service and training in order to fully satisfy our clientele.





Clément Beaumont
President & CEO


Karine Beaumont